Experienced entrepreneurs say that the success of the future store depends on three factors: location, location and once again location. It is the issues of choosing the location of the future store and we will devote this material.

There are several approaches to choosing a store

And for the success of the future of the company must be considered by everyone. One, we called it Western, takes into account primarily economic factors: location relative to the main transport interchanges, the welfare of the area, shopping areas and so on.

  • The other, the eastern one, is more ambiguous. Rational European, it may seem at first sight strange, because the main thrust of the store, according to this approach, is the direction of favorable and negative energy flows. For the best Forms of Business Organization you will be having the best options now.
  • However, it is the eastern countries that today demonstrate to the world the miracles of economic development. So, it’s worth trying to take into account another view of business. We think everyone will agree with us that if there is at least one chance out of 100 that using this approach will lead to prosperity, then it is worth applying it.

Suppose you already have a few interesting, at first glance, offers of premises for a store. The first thing you need to evaluate is competition. Are there any similar stores in the area? How many of them? How do they plan the product range? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Visit them all. Watch a few evenings for how the trade is going, for the behavior of buyers, the degree of their satisfaction. Moreover, it is necessary to visit stores in the evening, when most of the residents return from work and buy food. This will allow you not only to provide market capacity, but also potential revenue.

The Next Choice

The next stage of choice involves the development of an offensive map, on which you, as a true commander-in-chief, will inflict enemy positions and map your own.

The Solutions

As you know, each store creates around itself an area of ​​influence, which consists of three sub-zones: near, middle and far. Knowing these zones is vital, because they determine the future revenue of the store. So, according to the estimates, the residents of the near zone account for 60-70% of revenue, the average – about 20% and long-range – about 15%.

The Pareto principle is very universal and it is more or less fair for all business areas: 20% of employees do 80% of the work, 20% of customers bring 80% of the money, 20% of the goods give 80% of profit and so on. Thoroughly analyze your business and focus efforts and resources on more profitable operations.

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