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Most car owners were used to making oil changes after every 3000 miles, or 3 months. But with the advancement in car-engine and oil tech, it may be wrong to assume that this old standard fits all.

Every 3000 miles?

Josh Carrasco, the spokesman for Tampa Bay-based AAA, acknowledges that the traditional 3,000 miles’ mantra worked for old cars, but the different maintenance schedules in new-age vehicles have made changing car oil something that varies from one model to another.

He said that there are newer engines built to cover from five, seven, to even fifteen thousand miles, depending on how you use your car. Plus, an older car will need more regular service which should cover up for factors like climate and how you handle your vehicle.

The bottom line is; 3000 miles is an excellent figure to start at. However, you should also consider the how much your car works— is it a short-distance utility vehicle or an off-road traveler?

Carrasco suggested that with these new models and many more surfacing, this figure (3000 miles) should be raised to 6000.

What type of oil is best for you?

Experts also advise that while ensuring frequent changes, you also need to pay attention to the TYPE of oil you use in your engine.

And for the well-being of your car, you are further advised to go for high quality, preferably synthetic oil. If possible, use your manufacturer’s prescription; it might just be the right doctor your automobile needs to last longer.

Carrasco recommends synthetic blend as the perfect base oil for most vehicles. The AAA spokesman says the company has discovered that full synthetic oil protects car engines better than traditional oils—more so for short distance drives. Full synthetic oil prevents the formation of deposits caused by the short stop-and-go trips thus protecting your car engine.

Therefore in deciding how frequent you change car oil; consult your service schedule and engine manual to see your manufacturer’s recommendation. Follow just that, and your engine will stay young for longer.

Every Three Months?

Car engine and oil experts also threw away the “every three months” adage by explaining that it makes more sense to go by miles than timeframe. How frequently do you use your car in the three months? And even if you didn’t drive it for months, you wouldn’t need to change the oil unless you live in a cold place.

Learn to monitor oil levels

You must also learn how to monitor oil levels regularly to prevent severe engine damage. While most drivers don’t know much about their engines, everyone knows how to check their; oil, pressure and temperature gauges.

If still can’t read your oil levels, make sure you ask your automotive merchant account holder to train you on how to use the dipstick.


You want to look at your car model and the many factors listed above before deciding on how frequent you’ll be changing your engine oil.

Author Bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative funding solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him an automotive merchant account expert at First American Merchant.